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About Us

Our mission every day is to align the strength and dependability of our spill containment products with our relentless, reliable service. We take pride in our customer service and our expert process of production. While our experience makes the immediate difference, it is our core belief of constant innovation that drives us to do more and extend our reach for your objectives—all built to serve with speed and strength.

Our Team

Our Team

Our team has the vast knowledge and experience that the biggest names in the industry trust for all types of jobs where protecting the environment with spill containment is a must. We know what it takes to get the job done right, how to save you money, how to save time, and how to put you in position for success.

With our headquarters in Beaumont, Texas, we are strategically located in the heart of the oil and gas industry. Our 100 mile radius is home to FOUR of the largest oil refineries in the U.S. This puts us in prime position to build and serve with expertise and first-hand professional knowledge in the industry right in our own backyard.

Our core reach extends to dozens of other large petrochemical plants from Galveston, Houston, and Port Arthur, TX to Lake Charles and Baton Rouge, LA. This enables Consolidated Containment to perform quickly in serving companies of all sizes along the Gulf Coast, while having the necessary logistics to deftly serve other markets with optimal speed and efficiency.

Our Midland, Texas service allows for our fast delivery and boots-on-the-ground custom service in one of the most active, most important oil markets. This also positions us to serve with industrial expertise and personal, efficient service for West Texas, North Texas, and Oklahoma.

Our crews use professional-grade equipment to make the best, for the best. The Consolidated leadership team has years of personal experience, resources, and valuable relationships. We invest in learning more ways to serve and deliver on our promise of spill prevention products and innovation.

To Serve. To Protect.

To Serve. To Protect.

With locations and boots-on-the-ground service in throughout the Gulf Coast and beyond, Consolidated Containment is built to serve.

Our proven process of manufacturing highly successful, textured berms and liners with precision is your advantage. We can create custom sizes to fit your job in an array of materials that are both UV and chemical resistant, flexible, light in weight, and durable. Our team’s experience helps us know the right tool for the job.

Consolidated’s relentless commitment to deliver on your project is our foundational company policy.

You’ve got projects to complete—safely and on time. We’ve got the right solutions to help make it successful. And we’re ready to serve and protect.


Beaumont Chamber of Commerce
Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce
Lamar University Alumni Owned Business
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Membership
Association of Chemical Industry of Texas Membership
Golden Triangle Business Roundtable of Southeast Texas