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DripDiaper® – Effective Lift Diapers

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Stop wasting time and money with plastic and duct tape. DripDiapers® are a cost-effective solution for job site leak protection. Designed with a heavy-duty absorptive pad at the center, our DripDiapers® collect fluid that may leak from the chassis of scissor lifts and other types of construction equipment offering floor protection that moves with your machines. DripDiapers® are available in 7 standard sizes that can be customized to fit any piece of equipment, and 3 precut sizes, allowing you to stock just a few part numbers. These lift diapers include an install kit with adjustable bungee assemblies and magnetic attachment points to make installation a breeze.

Benefits & Key Features:

DripDiapers®, sometimes referred to as belly tarps, lift diapers, equipment diapers, or a boom lift catch provide superior leak protection and offer several advantages over similar products. DripDiapers® are effective and durable. Unlike DIY solutions like plastic and duct tape, our lift diapers are engineered to absorb equipment leaks and are tough enough for any job site. DripDiapers® are produced using high-quality materials and are manufactured in the USA at our headquarters in Englewood, CO. Manufacturing on site allows us the ability to fit for any machine.

  • Replace pad and reuse
  • Traps oil & fluid but allows water to evaporate
  • Easy to install
  • One-size fits multiple machines
  • Absorbs up to 1 gallon of fluid
  • Magnets with up 96lbs pull each
  • Magnets offer flexible attachment points
  • Same day shipping on all DripDiapers
  • No taping required resulting in less clean up
  • Pothole protectors function fully
  • Made in the USA
  • Protects all surface types

Frequently Asked Questions

Are DripDiapers® flame resistant? DripDiapers® are flame resistant but should not be used near an open flame.

Flame Resistance: California Fire Marshall Registration # FA-41501.

Click here for the full DripDiapers spec sheet.

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Most products ship within 1-3 business days depending on availability. If you need a product sooner than this, please call 409-429-4834 to discuss availability and shipping options.

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