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Emergency Flood Pump Kits

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Emergency Flood Pump Kits

Everything that you need to help contain, control & divert flood water coming into your property. Includes high quality puddle pump, 50ft hose, hi-vis orange durable crate, indoor & outdoor flood control.


Emergency Flood Pump Kit #1 | Item # QDPK1


  • 5ft Flood Barriers (4)
  • Mats 6.75in x 16.5in (5)
  • Drip Mats 2ft x 2ft (5)
  • 4ft Water Dam (4)
  • 10ft Water Dam (1)
  • Pump, Hose & Crate

Emergency Flood Pump Kit #2 | Item # QDPK2


  • 10ft Flood Barrier (1)
  • 17ft Flood Barrier (1)
  • Mats 6.75in x 16.5in (5)
  • Drip Mats 2ft x 2ft (5)
  • 4ft Water Dam (4)
  • 10ft Water Dam (1)
  • Pump, Hose & Crate

Emergency Flood Pump Kit #3 | Item # QDPK3


  • 10ft Flood Barriers (2)
  • 10ft Water Dams (4)
  • Pump, Hose & Crate

Quick Dam Flood Barriers

  • Absorb, control, & divert flood water
  • Grows to full size of 3.5in high in minutes
  • Built in wedge helps prevent rolling
  • Stack multiple barriers in pyramid formation to increase wall height
  • Leave in place for ongoing protection & use
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly & decomposes over time
  • Available in 5ft, 10ft or 17ft lengths

Quick Dam Water Dams

  • Absorbs water on contact & swells to create a dam
  • Compact & lays flat until activated & grows 2.5in high in just 5 minutes
  • Durable knit stretches
  • Available in Hi-Vis Orange

Quick Dam Mats & Drip Mats

  • Absorbs fluids on contact & converts liquid to a gel


  • Absorb 1.5 quarts from both sides
  • Better than paper towels

Drip Mats:

  • Catch leaks & drips & keep floor dry
  • Holds over 1 quart each

Pump Details:

  • High Quality Portable Puddle Pump removes 30gpm (gallons/minute) at 20ft incline (Max Head 33ft)
  • Max Flow Rate of 33,300 gph (gallons/hour) (55gpm) on flat surface
  • Environmentally Safe Water Pump with floor sucking technology
  • Dries the floor down to 1/8” (3mm)
  • Discharge is 1 1/4” female NPT pre-fitted with a Quick Release connector
  • Can be used submerged (Max 20ft or 6m) or on any flat surface for transferring clear water
  • Non-clogging vortex impeller with a removable screen bottom for east cleaning
  • Standard 9ft, 3 prong 115v plug (with ground), 1/6-1/2hp, 60Hz, 1.5-6amps, 3450 rpm
  • Energy-efficient thermal overload protected & sealed permanent split capacity motor
  • High quality corrosion-resistant durable polypropylene housing for long life
  • Light-weight, portable & compact for 7in opening
  • Rated for 4500 hours of continuous run with max temp at 104 F (40 C)
  • 12 month limited warranty on pump
  • Empty flooded basements, dewater flat roofs, ideal for draining & transferring water

Hose Details:

  • 50ft of 1.5in diameter lay flat hose with pre-connected aluminum quick fit connections
  • Pre-connected quick fit connections for rapid deployment


  • All stored in an open top Heavy Duty Hi-Vis Orange Flood Control HDPE Plastic Crate
  • Well vented to allow water to flow through & prevent mold build up
  • Reinforced corners & handles with a 250lb capacity
  • 14.5in x 14.5in x 14.5in Nestable & Stackable


  • 65in Quick Release straps & buckles surround the crate to secure contents
  • Flat Hinged Cover for quick access & prevent loss
  • Pump attachment to connect to standard garden hose if needed
  • Connected Instructions & details in watertight bag for ongoing use & access

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