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Sandless Sandbags and Flood Barriers

Protecting Your Home or Business From Flood Waters

The weather is unpredictable and can cause damage quickly if not prepared. Being prepared is the key to saving your home or business from expensive repairs. That's why Consolidated Containment carries sandless sandbags and flood barriers.

These come in a regular sandbag size, 5 ft flood barrier snake, and a 10 ft flood barrier snake for flood prevention in doorways, sliding glass doors, French doors, double doors, garage doors, around floodgates, and more. These are perfect for making sure your doorways are protected from unwanted flood waters during storms and hurricanes. 

The sandless sandbags and flood barriers are reusable and have a shelf life of up to one year. They don’t have that nasty, slimy film on them once they’re used like other sandless flood bags and can dry fairly quickly once out of the water. They absorb water and expand, keeping water from getting past them and into your home or business. Once they’re used, they don’t shrink back to their normal size; however, they are not heavy and are easy to store and move around. 

One way to keep the water from getting into your home or business is to double up and stack them against the door. The 5 ft flood barrier is great for regular-sized doorways and the 10 ft flood barrier is great for double doors or sliding glass doors. The reason for doubling up is to make sure you have a higher range covered in case of higher flood waters. The price is affordable and not only are they recommended for use in the industrial field, but in residential homes and businesses as well. 

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