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Kitty Litter vs Absorbents

Why You Should Stop Using Kitty Litter to Absorb Spills

Kitty litter is used in many industries as an absorbent for medium to large spills. However, kitty litter is not actually an absorbent! 

Instead of absorbing the spill, the spilled liquid coats the clay-based formula. If left too long, the liquid ends up back on the spill site because the liquid is on the surface of the clay. You end up making a bigger mess trying to clean up a mess. 

Health Hazards

Kitty litter can also be hazardous to your health. Crystalline silica, a chemical in kitty litter, is a category 1 carcinogen, according to the World Health Organization, and can cause silicosis which is a lung disease that creates scarring in the lungs, and affects your ability to breathe (, WHO). 

Environmental Impact

Kitty litter is also bad for the environment. Once used, it is difficult to dispose of properly. Most people throw it away, however, once it gets to the landfill, there is not much that can be done with it (


When you use absorbents that are meant to pick up spills like Spill Tackle’s Loose Absorbent or Spill Bully’s LAVA or Light, you are using something that is actually meant to pick up oil-based liquids and doesn’t leave residue behind. Absorbents actually trap the spill and are easily swept up. When it comes to disposing of absorbents, it is much safer and easier on the environment due to loose absorbents being made out of organic substances like fruit or vegetable husks.  

Price Point

Price is also a big point of discussion. Kitty litter is good for what it’s meant to do, not to absorb oil-based spills. It may be cheap, but it’s not doing the job you need it to. Absorbents are just a couple of dollars more per package and not only do you get more, but some absorbents are reusable, like reusable absorbent pads that actually turn out to be cheaper in the long run because you get more than one use. Kitty litter varies in price based on quality and brand. Absorbents get the job done and are a much healthier option to use as well as better for the environment. 

If you need absorbents, check out our brands for any size mess: Spill Tackle’s various bags and buckets are the perfect loose absorbent for any size job. Spill Bully has a Light loose absorbent, great for oil-based paint spills and their LAVA absorbent is meant for bigger kinds of jobs. Check out our website for Spill Bully’s various absorbents, or call (409) 429-4834 for a sample of Spill Tackle’s Multi-Purpose Loose absorbent!

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