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Request Your 2023 Spill Containment Catalog
Request Your 2023 Spill Containment Catalog




Drive Over Foam Wall Spill Containment

Our highest quality drive over berm for tough, heavy duty jobs. The long life of our DuraFlex berm allows for continued use for multiple applications.
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Hard Poly Wall Systems

Protect costs and the environment by safely storing hazardous chemicals and materials with a secondary spill containment system.
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Rail Car Containment Mats

Railcar Containment

Stop leaks from locomotives and tanker cars.
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High Quality Secondary Spill Containment Berms & Liners

Consolidated Containment is the trusted name in environmental, industrial-strength containment solutions throughout the Gulf Coast and beyond.

We are proud to equip and protect work sites and industrial facilities of all sizes involving drilling, workover rigs, hydraulic fracturing, production tank batteries and more with textured liners, drive-over berm walls, foam wall berms, geomembrane and pond liners.

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Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida

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Spill Kits

Absorbents & Microbial Products

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Containment Corner: A blog for all things spill containment

  • Kitty Litter vs Absorbents

    Why You Should Stop Using Kitty Litter to Absorb Spills

    Kitty litter is used in many industries as an absorbent for medium to large spills. However, kitty litter is not actually an absorbent! 

    Instead of absorbing the spill, the spilled liquid coats the clay-based formula. If left too long, the liquid ends up back on the spill site because the liquid is on the surface of the clay. You end up making a bigger mess trying to clean up a mess.

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  • Hurricane Prep Checklist: Know. Prepare. Plan.

    Hurricane Prep Checklist: Know. Prepare. Plan.

    The Atlantic coastline and the Gulf of Mexico are gearing up for this year’s hurricane season. This means getting ready for strong winds, rain, and rising waters. Don’t get caught off guard. Use this checklist to make sure you and your family are prepared for what this hurricane season has in store.
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