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Drip Mats

por Quick Dam
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Quick Dam Drip Mats

Protect your home and property against leaks and spills with Quick Dam Drip Mats. Drip Mats have a protective plastic backing that prevents seepage through the other side. Drip Mats absorb liquids on contact. Perfect for placing under leaking sinks, pipes, etc. Drip Mats are compact, lightweight and easy to store.


Quick Dam Drip Mats

  • Absorbs water on contact & converts liquid to a gel
  • Inner absorbent is completely contained to prevent seepage
  • Compact, lightweight, & easy to store
  • Prevent slip & fall accidents
  • User for spills, leaks, & drips of water-like products
  • Drip Mats have a plastic layer to prevent liquid from passing through.

Drip Mats – 2ft x 2ft

  • Has a plastic back liner to prevent seepage
  • Drip Mats absorb 1 Quart Each


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