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UN Certified IP-1 LiftPac®

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LiftPac® bulk bags are a practical, affordable option for reducing container costs. These specially designed bulk sacks can meet the needs for lab waste disposal, contaminated PPE disposal, contaminated soil disposal and household hazardous waste, to name a few. They’re tested to meet UN Safety Standards and provide a sturdy storage and transport option for solid waste materials that are characterized by high-density weights. Place the bulk storage bags at workstations and they can also serve as reusable storage receptacles for non-contaminated items. The flexible bulk bags provide numerous advantages over other bulky containers, like metal drums, paper bags and rigid IBCs (intermediate bulk containers), including providing storage capacity equal to four 55 gallon drums.

Weight Capacity: 1383 kg or 3048 lbs.

36 per double stacked pallet

Call for ordering: 409.429.4834 or fill out a quote form below.

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